V3 Dashboard uses Github Actions for CI/CD. Currently there are 2 workflows.

  1. Workflow to deploy docs site
  2. Workflow to run unit tests

Both are under .github/workflows

Docs workflow

This one requires a secret key to be set up to allow github actions to deploy the doc site.

  1. Use Git Bash and run
Creating RSA keys
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "put email here"
  • This will, on windows, create it at C:\Users\USER\.ssh
  • DO NOT enter a passphrase.
  • Remember to keep track of the file names created, by default they are for the public key and id_rsa for the private key, the file names are important later on.
  1. Go to the deploy keys section in the settings of the repo here and add the public key file of For the key name put the file name without the extension and check the box for write access. Like so


  1. Then go to the secrets tab and a new secret called GH_PAGES_DEPLOY with its value as the private key file id_rsa. Like so.


If the github action workflow is set up correctly, everything should run fine.

Unit Test

This requires that the mongoURI be set up. Going here and entering the mongoURI as MONGO_URI. The value is mongodb://localhost:27017 which means connect to the local mongoDB instance which the workflow sets up, however perhaps later a cloud mongodb could be used