Add new path to Catalog, Archive, Image

The API routes for /api/image/:imageId/:type allow for any string to be passed for type. For example




will return the image using the original path. Or using


will return the compressed path of the image.

These can be added at insertion time via the CLI, as seen here under the path key. Any key:string pair can be added. However there has to be some work done to ensure that the CLI and server work properly. This method has been choosen as it is the most type strict.

Edit the CLI

We have to tell the CLI that the new added path is a valid path. Go to Coastal-Image-Labeler\src\cli\src\utils\pathSchema.ts add the new path you would like to the array. For example I will add the testingCoolNewPath as a key.

const keys = ['compressed', 'gradcam','testingCoolNewPath']
//rest of the file is here

And thats it.

Edit the Dashboard

This is the exact same thing. Go to Coastal-Image-Labeler\src\dashboard\server\utils\pathSchema.ts

const keys = ['compressed', 'gradcam','testingCoolNewPath']
//rest of the file is here

And that's it, the server and CLI will recognize the new path on restart/rebuild.