Code Documentation

The following set of documentation is focused on the code base, providing steps to maintain the current system.

V2 to V3 Changes

  • TypeScript used across entire project.
  • Expanded frontend components for easier extension.
  • Created more atomic middlewares.
  • Utilized Mongoose hooks (on save update image count per archive/catalog or for validation).
  • Addition of new models (Tag, AssignedImages).
  • Use of PM2 for running server and writing logs.
  • Better use of LetsEncrypt and NGINX along with new HTML pages for when the site is under maintenance.
  • Better Logging with log type, time and response time for routes
  • Auth0 enters users into DB on first signup, gives tagger role and assigns default catalog.
  • Unit Tests.
  • Use of GitHub actions for Docs redeploy and running Unit Tests
  • Path Alias (instead of having ../../../../components, it can be just @/components/)