These are the following availible commands for the cil-import CLI. Before using please follow the instructions here to setup the CLI.

Main Commands



Add MongoDB URI

Set the MongoURI for db connection

cil-import mongoURI set


Show MongoDB URI

Show the MongoURI for db connection

cil-import mongoURI show


Test MongoDB URI

Test the MongoURI for db connection

cil-import mongoURI test


Remove MongoDB URI

Remove the MongoURI

cil-import mongoURI remove



Add a catalog,and archives of that catalog, and images of that archive to db

Adding images

cil-import catalog add --path PATH_TO_JSON

--path - is required

For ease of use, a JSON file is needed to help create the catalogs. The format is as follows

//This path is used to find archives and images
"year": 2020,
//Images to add
//Make sure this question set exists
//Either leave this field out to have random order, or define it like so
"data": {
//If an archive doesnt appear in this json, it will use random order

If you are going to copy this remember to remove comments, JSON doesnt like comments

Here are some stats of how long it takes to enter into the DB.

Florence 141 seconds 30492 images = 216 img/sec
Dorian 85 seconds 18425 images = 216 img/sec
Michael 45 seconds 9600 images = 213 img/sec
Tairua 22 seconds 3851 images = 175 img/sec


Deletes a catalog with given _ID

Deleting catalog

cil-import catalog delete --id CATALOG_ID

--id - is required, ID of catalog



Add archives and their images to existing catalogs

Adding images

cil-import archive add --path PATH_TO_JSON

--path - is required

The JSON file is as follows

//The below 2 will be used to check if the archive already exists


Deletes a archive with given _ID
cil-import archive delete --id ARCHIVE_ID

--id - is required, ID of archive