As great of a jump V3 was from V2 there are always things that can be improved or experimented with for V4.


  • Alot of the current features and ideas below could be done using a Content Management System. This would come from Strapi which is an open source headless CMS.
    • Some of the features are
      • Image resize on upload
      • public or authenticated required routes/rules
      • possible integration with Auth0 here.
      • Admin dashboard
      • Provides login system


  • One source of potential issues is the duplicated Type interfaces across the CLI, frontend, and backend. Using something like Nx from NRWL and having a Monorepo could help prevent potential issues and allow for future scalability.


  • CLI subcommand called doctor(name sounds cool to me) that would help find errors in the DB (Such as an archive refers to a catalog that doesnt exist or an image refers to an archive that doesnt exist, image counts being wrong, or tags missing data).
  • Unit Testing for CLI.
  • Multithreading?


  • Unit Testing for frontend on some of the parts that are deterministic.
  • Pixel annotation with React Image Annotate.
  • Add sliders as a possible question type.
  • Add number field as a possible question type.
  • Improve the way question sets are stored. Add ability to check/create new question sets in admin page.
  • Admin page to show latest tags, update users, and other adminy stuff 🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
  • Can be partially implemented using a CMS


  • Simplify some of the middlewares. Some are a little bit messy in terms of logic.
  • Auto inser user db data via express
  • Enforce user tag role checks on server rather then on the nextjs server from getServerSideProps.
  • Can be partially implemented using a CMS

Improve data/resource sharing between CLI and dashboard

  • One issue noted was there was duplicate code in the CLI and dashboard.
  • There should be a way to make it so they share the code (other then using symlinks, which is not sustainable as what happens if someone forgets to add the symlink)
  • Can be solved with using a Monorepo setup.

GitHub Actions

  • Create file for unit testing configs, such as user data and archives that will be used through out the test to unsure none of the tests step on each other.
  • Auto deploy site whenever master get pushed to.
  • Auto deploy dev site whenever beta gets pushed to.


  • Stream log files to other locations.
  • Notify if the site goes down or if an error happens.


  • Improve the way types are shared across the dashboard and CLI.
  • Can be used by setting up a Monorepo


  • Make the DB be local instance instead of MongoDB Atlas.
    • Would probably mean that users would have to make a local account and CAN NOT signin with Google/Facebook/Github/etc.
  • Use a SQL database and maybe use Redis for caching/session management/message passing.
    • CMS might be able to help with this
  • Dockerize.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Dark theme 🌑 and Light theme ☀️ or maybe other themes/user themes.
  • Redux for state management. (Maybe)
  • Progressive image loading. (More or less done now)
  • Archives within archives with in archives....etc.
    • Images can have groups assigned to them (like tags on discord). So a image could have the Florence group and FlorenceArchive group.
    • A user would need to have (atleast one or all, which ever idea works out best) inorder to tag an image. The group can have a rank (1,2,3,4...) and so images would be grouped by the rank 1 groups first then rank 2 and so on.
    • Only one group per rank for an image (cant have say 2 rank 3 group labels).